Sean, Heather, and Maliyah — Weather Story

Sean from Justin, TX: I was observing a storm with a tornado warning, suddenly the winds changed so quick and turned dark. I saw hail going down and ran to the house so quick to get shelter with my cat Charlie.

Heather from Greenville, MS: I was living in Mississippi when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. I was in west central Mississippi, and even though the hurricane had died down, it spawned many tornados the reached where I was living. We didn’t have a cellar or shelter, so we piled into our cast iron bathtub and put pillows and blankets over us. We heard the tornado pass over our house, but we were lucky to only have tree damage.

Maliyah from Fort Cobb, OK: One day while working, my school got struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. It made the lights go out for the rest of the day.