Vision and Board

We envision the NWMSC to be a state-of-the-art facility that provides both physical and virtual displays to enhance understanding of weather and climate by visitors of all ages.
The center will contain:

  • Static displays of important historical artifacts such as the first Doppler weather radar console, telegraphs, and portable tornado detection devices.
  • A collection of rare records and other printed materials
  • A broad array of weather measurement technologies
  • Hands-on displays and experiments
  • Simulators
  • A broadcast weather studio
  • Rare and unique objects of tornado damage
  • Experimental devices such as a tornado vortex generator, a wind tunnel and a cloud chamber
  • A working radar
  • An IMAX-like theatre and lecture hall
  • Static displays of research aircraft and weather radar antennas
  • Periodically rotating displays of historic weather events

Board of Trustees

Ross Forsyth, Chair

Pat Hyland, Vice-Chair

Donald Burgess, Secretary

Chuck Thompson, Treasure

Bill Conway

Doug Forsyth

Jeff Kimpel

Chris Sohl

Robert Staples

Ex-offico Board of Trustees

Jason Smith

Stephen Koranda

Meg Carr

Kelvin Droegemeier

William George

David Hopper

J.T. Johnson

Randy Peppler

Vicki Rose

John Snow

Daphne Thompson

Andy Wood

Don Wood

John Woods

CJ Obray

Keli Pirtle

Pam Heinselman

Kevin Kloesel

Ric Adams

Rodger Brown