The First Experience –

Meeting Chris Cimino

Every meteorologist has a beginning; a moment that made them realize that weather was their passion. For some, it was a significant weather event. Others, it was discovering the science. For me, there was no one seminal moment, but a series of them in childhood.

Perhaps none was bigger than Read Across America Day in March 2002. It was my first chance to meet a broadcast meteorologist, thanks largely to my family and the local parent-teacher organization. His name – Chris Cimino, morning meteorologist at NBC 4 in New York City, just 40 minutes from my home in New Jersey. I still remember every moment of that day.

Chris was speaking to a class of fifth grade students, and I was called out of class. I was escorted to the library and to my surprise saw him there. I waited until he was finished with his talk and got the chance to shake his hand and talk to him briefly. While Chris did not know it at the time, it was a big moment for me, helping to show me that my dream could be possible.
We each have our own ways that led us to this field, this work, and this position in the weather enterprise. What’s yours? Your story is your history in the world of weather after all.