Museum Ambassador

Become a Museum Ambassador with us at the National Weather Museum!!

Job Title: Museum Ambassador

Volunteer position (estimated 5 hours/mo)

Purpose: Provide marketing, and administrative support to the Museum.

Summary: The volunteer Museum Ambassador position is remote. This position is under supervision and is a direct report to the President of the Board. This position is responsible for a variety of administrative and marketing tasks to support the Museum’s networking and marketing efforts. The Museum Ambassador should ensure the efficiency and fluidity of internal and external marketing tasks and provide proactive support.

Responsibilities included but not limited to:

  • 2x a month blog post regarding the Museum, current events, new technologies, etc. related to weather, the environment, space or science. Blogs need to be between 2-5 paragraphs with images included and all references accounted correctly for.
  • Maintains a complete understanding of the Museum’s functions and abilities, with the intent to speak out regarding the Museum
  • [W1] , including retweeting, reposting, posting, networking, gaining followers, responding to comments and followers.
  • Social Media Marketing on the Museum by retweeting/reporting and networking
  • 1x month team meetings and email updates
  • Proactive outreach to prospects and the public regarding the Museum
  • Assist with newsletter writing and creation

Qualifications recommended but not limited to:

  • Strong Interest in Science
  • Knowledge of current weather events and terminology
  • Meteorology courses not required, but preferred
  • Well-developed knowledge of social media platforms, including but not limited to, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin
  • Experience blog writing


This position is on a 100% voluntary basis, for the National Weather Museum and Science Center. This is for a one-year term. There is no compensation and all work is voluntary. In order to maintain this position within the Museum it is expected that all responsibilities are adhered to.

Email us for more information about joining our Ambassador team! We look forward to hearing from you soon!!


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